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P90X3 For HockeyHockey training! As a recreational hockey playing adult, I see how guys prepare for hockey season. Most train like it’s 1974: no training, a lot of beer drinking and BBQs, and maybe get on an exercise bike the week before the season starts. Then the first game comes and they realize they are not even close to being in game shape! With the advances in at-home training options, I believe that any hockey player can get great results and improve their game in a single offseason. How? With P90X3.

What Makes A Good Hockey Training Program?

As a starting point, I would like to share some information I found on modern training techniques for hockey players. My source: Peter Twist, owner of Twist Conditioning, former strength and conditioning coach of the Vancouver Canucks, and a recognized expert in training hockey players. In his book, Complete Conditioning For Hockey, Twist identifies 5 areas that a hockey player should focus his training. These are balance, agility and reactivity, whole-body strength and power, speed and quickness, and anaerobic conditioning.

How Does P90X3 Measure Up?

When I look at the P90X3 training plan, I see that all five areas were covered off well:

Balance: the training plan includes several workouts with a focus on balance including X3 Yoga and Isometrics.

Agility & Reactivity: P90X3 has a workout called Agility X where the focus is all about being agile and responsive.

Whole-Body Strength & Power: this category has been a staple of all Tony Horton programs, and P90X3 is no different. Total Synergistics, The Challenge, and Incinerator are just some of the strength and power workouts.

Speed & Quickness: speed and quickness are achieved in the program through the various cardio workouts including CVX, MMX, and Accelerator.

Anaerobic Conditioning: because all P90X3 workouts are only 30 minutes, they are all fast paced with very little rest. This type of high intensity interval training (HIIT) without a doubt develops your anaerobic capacity.

So, what’s not to like about this program? Only 30 minutes a day, hits all of the required focus areas for training, and you get to do it at home with minimal equipment.  I also want to give special mention to an included workout called Dynamix. Dynamix is essentially a stretching and recovery workout. I found it ideal to do this workout just before leaving for the rink. I would arrive limber and warmed up already and could hit the ice hard on the first shift without worrying about pulling something.

If you’re looking to take your hockey training from the 70’s to today, I would strongly urge you to consider P90X3!

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photo credit: Dan4th via photopin cc

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