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I’ve been reading a lot of books lately about what makes people successful in network marketing. One thing that almost all top network marketers have in common is that they include daily exercise into their routine. As a network marketer in the fitness industry, this comes naturally for me. But if you’re in a non-fitness company, you might need some help! So, here are my suggestions on fitness for network marketers.

Tip 1: Your Workout Program Should Be Short

As a network marketer, your time is valuable. For many, their network marketing business is in addition to full time day jobs, family life, and hobbies. This leaves precious little time for anything else. So, your workouts can’t realistically be 2 hours in length each day. The good news is that you can get amazing results in only 30 minutes or less each day.

Tip 2: Your Workouts Need To Be Convenient

When looking at how much time you can devote to fitness, the length of the workout isn’t the only consideration. You also need to factor in the time it takes to get ready and get where you need to go. Having a membership at a gym on the other side of town, for example, might cause a barrier to sticking with your program: drive time. So, find a gym or group fitness class close to where you live. And in the case of classes, choose ones that best fit into your schedule. Personally, I love working out at home. I did that even before I became a network marketer. No drive time, and I can do my “class” whenever I want.

Tip 3: Your Workouts Have To Be Motivating

The path of the network marketer is not an easy one! You receive many “no’s” on a daily basis. Your friends and family may not be supportive. You get painted with a “pyramid scheme” stigma. These are not fun things! Which is why you need to go out of your way to incorporate fun and inspiration in your day. Choose workouts and trainers on their ability to not only transform your body, but lift your soul and mood.

Tip 4: Don’t Forget Nutrition

Proper nutrition will fuel your body for your workouts. If you eat poorly, you won’t get the full benefits of daily exercise. Look for programs that include a nutrition plan designed for that program. And, stay away from crazy “fad diets.”

Tip 5: Get Help

The number of exercise options available to you may seem overwhelming. And as a busy person, you don’t need to devote time researching everything to make the best choice. Instead, you can get me as your free online fitness coach. I can give you advice and suggestions, as well as keep you motivated and accountable once you get started. To get my help, just fill in the form below and I’ll be in touch!

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