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P90X3: A Great Hockey Offseason Training Plan

Hockey training! As a recreational hockey playing adult, I see how guys prepare for hockey season. Most train like it’s 1974: no training, a lot of beer drinking and BBQs, and maybe get on an exercise bike the week before the season starts. Then the first game comes...

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3 Signs You Should Change Your Fitness Program

As I write this, I'm in the process of quitting my current fitness program halfway through. While I'm getting results, they're not the kind of results I want (I'm building a lot of mass, but I want to lean out a bit). So, time to change things up. This got me to...

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5 Ways Food Marketers Trick You

I'm going to be really upfront: I am not an anti-marketer. In fact, I make my living as a marketer. I think marketing is the most strategically critical function a business has. But, sometimes marketers do some pretty sleazy things! The food industry in particular...

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How Good is Your Child’s Nutrition?

As I was reading the news today I came across an article about a new website: nutritionscreen.ca. The site is for parents of children 5 years old and younger. There is also a section for adults over 50. Basically, the site helps you evaluate how well your child is...

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Why I Choose Shakeology

Nutritional shakes are everywhere. In the grocery store. Online. At the gas station. Sold by your friend. So much selection, so how do you choose? I started drinking Shakeology well before I became a Beachbody Coach and started getting my 25% discount. But why did I...

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Sports Conditioning – It Starts With The ABCs

A couple of weeks ago, I attended a course to learn to coach soccer for kids under 8 years old. While most of the content in the course was specific for kids, one concept the instructor talked about made me immediately think that adults could benefit too. The...

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