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My Shift Shop Review and Results

On July 24th, 2017 I did my first round of Beachbody's new program: Shift Shop. My mind. Is. Blown. Who would have thought that in just 3 short weeks a person to both see and feel such amazing changes. This is my review of Shift Shop as well as a summary of my Shift...

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Make The Shift Group

Do you want to experience a very unique fitness and nutrition program? One where you will be challenged physically regardless of your starting point, but also challenged to break through any mental barriers you might have about yourself? If so, then this group is for...

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Recipe: Bell Pepper Nachos

Looking for a healthy game-time snack? I've got you covered! These bell pepper nachos were at hit with the family during a recent football game. And, since it's loaded with veggies and lean protein, these are quite healthy! Healthy and kid approved? That's a huge win...

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Building Your Fitness Through Periods of Focus

Here's something I sometimes struggle with as a health and fitness coach: does the approach of having programs designed for a short period of time (like 21 days or 60 days) help people focus? Or does it contribute to the yo-yo phenomenon of people doing a program but...

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Shift Shop Launch Group

I'm incredibly excited about this Shift Shop launch group! Shift Shop features Chris Downing, Beachbody's newest super trainer, and is designed to get you leaner, faster, and stronger over just 3 weeks. We start July 24th! About Shift Shop Shift Shop is a fitness...

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Hockey Tournament Recovery

In this article, I will outline my three key principles for hockey tournament recovery and outline what my plan will be for the Saturday where we play a morning game and an afternoon game.

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Fitness For Network Marketers

I've been reading a lot of books lately about what makes people successful in network marketing. One thing that almost all top network marketers have in common is that they include daily exercise into their routine. As a network marketer in the fitness industry, this...

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Why Yoga Is So Good For Office Workers

It may not seem like it at first glance, but being an office worker puts a tremendous strain on your body. Your muscles, especially your hamstrings, tighten from sitting all day. You start to get tension headaches thanks to being hunched over your keyboard. Your eyes...

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The 5 Videos Every Beachbody Coach Needs To Make

We all know that in the content marketing world, video is king. And this is true regardless of platform. As a Beachbody coach, are you making the right videos for your target market? I know that many coaches have a hard time figuring out what to put on video. So, I'm...

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