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We all know that in the content marketing world, video is king. And this is true regardless of platform. As a Beachbody coach, are you making the right videos for your target market? I know that many coaches have a hard time figuring out what to put on video. So, I’m going to help you with the basics! Here are 5 videos every Beachbody coach needs to make.

The “Your Story” Video

This is the most important video you’ll make, because if you do it right it will help you connect at a deeper level with so many people. The key is being really honest and authentic. Get emotional. Get deep. Grab people’s attention and make them want to cheer for your success and be a part of your success as well. Here’s a simple formula for crafting your story:

  1. What’s your background?
  2. Why were you dissatisfied with it?
  3. What’s the solution?
  4. Why are you excited for the future?

Key tip: most coaches spend too little time talking about #1 and #2 and too much time talking about #3. Focus on 1 & 2!

The “Congratulations On Buying A Challenge Pack” Video

The challenge Pack is the backbone of our business. It is what helps people get the best results, and helps you grow your business too. To help your challengers get the most out of their purchase, create this video and send it to them. Here is a rough outline:

  1. Congratulations on your purchase!
  2. Understanding what comes in a challenge pack
  3. Reminder about Shakeology on Home Direct
  4. Reminder about the free trial of Club membership and Beachbody on Demand
  5. Reminder to take their before photos and measurements
  6. How to get in contact with you, including setting up a challenger “Get Started Right” call

A “Get Started Right” call for challengers? Did you think that was just for new coaches? Well why not do a 15 minute video call with your new challengers? Hold it after they have received their package and use the time to answer any questions they have, and to reconfirm their commitment.

The “How To Make Shakeology” Video

I don’t know about you, but the first time I made Shakeology it was very disappointing. I think I put a scoop of it into a glass with some cool water and stirred. It was not a recipe for falling in love with the product! So shoot a video on how to best make it. You can include a variety of methods: blended, on-the-go in a shaker cup, etc. And provide some of your favourite recipes.

The “Welcome To The Team” Video

You’ve signed up a new coach! Great! Now what? While you definitely want to plug them into your own or your upline’s new coach training program, it is nice to send them an initial welcome email and video. This video should cover 5 areas:

  1. Welcome to the team
  2. Reminder of the mission of your team and Team Beachbody
  3. Ask permission to help them
  4. Explain the 4 vital behaviours
  5. Contact you to help them launch their business

The third area, asking for their permission, is a great one. Use this opportunity to remind them that you are here to support them, push them, and hold them accountable, but they have to be willing to do the work.

The “3 Types of Coaches” Video

This video explains the 3 types of coaches:

  • Discount coach
  • Hobby coach
  • Business building coach

It’s a good idea to let you coaches know that all three of these types are great! Not everyone wants to become a top 10 coach. Not everyone wants to use the coaching opportunity to replace a full time income. And that’s okay! It is important for you to know what type of coach they want to be and what their goals are.

Putting This In Action

Now that you know which videos to make, the next step is to just do them! Creating video doesn’t need to be hard or time consuming. Here are a few quick tips:

  1. Make sure you have decent lighting and sound. There are a TON of free resources out there that will explain how to do this. My go-to source for video info is http://www.jameswedmore.com/.
  2. Set up a YouTube channel for yourself. This is where you will house all the videos. Why? Because YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google, and you want your videos to be found!
  3. Shoot your videos and get them uploaded! Don’t worry if they’re not perfect. You can re-shoot later as your video skills develop.

That’s it! The 5 videos every Beachbody coach needs to make, Now all that’s left is for you to take action!

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