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As I write this, I’m in the process of quitting my current fitness program halfway through. While I’m getting results, they’re not the kind of results I want (I’m building a lot of mass, but I want to lean out a bit). So, time to change things up. This got me to thinking about how you might know if it’s time for a change too. So, here are 3 signs you should change your fitness program.

Sign #1: You’re Injured

This seems a bit obvious, but if you suffer an injury, you will probably need to change your fitness routine. Injuries need rest and time to heal. Sometimes you will need to stop exercising all together. Other times it is only a change that is needed.

Similar to this, you should change things up if they workouts you are doing are causing you injury. Everyone’s biomechanics are a bit different, and sometimes some movements cause us trouble. For me, there is just something about Pilates that does not agree with my lower back. That’s probably a sign that something is a bit off in my kinetic chain that I should improve, but in the meantime, Pilates is a no-go for me.

Sign #2: You’re Not Having Fun

If you dread doing your workout, make a change. The more you dislike your program, the more likely you are to quit entirely. And we never want to completely quit! So find something that you enjoy. Sometimes this can take the form of a different instructor at a group class, sometimes it’s getting away from traditional workouts and doing something more eccentric like parquor.

Another strategy is to add in some fun things to your program. Maybe you dislike the program you’re on, but you really enjoy challenging yourself on a slackline. In that case, you may be able to stick with the program you’re on by rewarding yourself with some slackline work mixed in.

Sign #3: You’re Not Getting The Results You Want

This one is a bit tricky, because you need to give a program time to work before passing judgement. But after 3 or 4 weeks, you should have an idea as to whether or not your program is allowing you to progress towards your goals or not (and you set some goals, right?).

It is important here to not only use the scale as a way to measure your success. Scales don’t tell you the entire truth. I always recommend non-scale indicators like:

  • Body measurements
  • How your clothes fit
  • Fit tests

This is my current situation. I’ve completed 4 weeks of an 8 week program. My weight has increased, and my clothes are a bit tighter in places. What’s happening is that I am gaining a lot of muscle mass. My goals however are functional fitness for sport and leaning out. Based on the evidence, I made the conclusion to change to something different, even though I was really enjoying the program I was doing.

There you go. 3 signs you should change your fitness program. Need help deciding what program you should do next? Contact me for a free consultation and I can help you pick a path.

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