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Mike Goerzen

Fitness and health coach | Business mentor

Mike Goerzen

Fitness and health coach | Business mentor

An Approach That Works

I believe there are three key ingredients to a health and fitness approach that really works. As your coach, I help you with the entire process.


Having the right mindset about health and fitness is vital! You need to know why a change is important to you and you need to fully believe you are capable of doing what is necessary.

Fitness & Nutrition Plan

Rather than focusing only on exercise or only on nutrition, my approach has the two working in harmony. Eating right helps you work out, and working out helps your eating stay on track.

Accountability & Support
Whether it’s though an online group, our tracker app, or through 1-to-1 check in messages, you won’t ever feel like you’re in this alone!.
Mike Goerzen
Certified Trainer, Health Coach, and Business Mentor
“There’s no better feeling than when you help another person achieve something that they didn’t even think was possible when they started”.
Mike has been through the entire stage of the fitness journey: from an overweight, out of shape kid and adult, to being in the best shape of his life in his early 40s. Armed with that life experience as well as holding a personal training certification, Mike now focuses his efforts on helping others achieve amazing transformations, both physically and mentally.
Let’s Do This
As your coach, Mike can help you get into shape, reduce body fat, improve athletic performance, and make a total lifestyle change

Get Fit on a Budget

Fitness doesn’t need to be expensive. This program gives you what you need without hurting your wallet.

1-on-1 Coaching
Not interested in being a part of a group? Or maybe you have very specific goals? Mike works 1-on-1 with select clients.
Become a Coach
Interested in becoming a coach and help others succeed? Our team offers all the support and training you need!


The Simplified Guide to Leading a Healthy Lifestyle

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